About Us

C.W. MOSS FORD PARTS was founded in 1978 by Lynn Williams out of his passion for early Fords.

Lynn Williams in his Phaeton at Yellowstone Park.

Lynn Williams attended many swap meets, car shows, and early Ford “get-togethers” sharing his passion with others.  Following the 1967 hit movie Bonnie & Clyde, Lynn became known as C.W. Moss since he strongly resembled the character C.W. Moss (played by Michael J. Pollard) in the movie.  The name stuck with him and he became known as CW to his friends and associates in the early Ford circles.  He felt the name would be different and fitting for his early Ford business.

Original store in Pomona, California. Yes, that’s the original California Kid in front.

In 1978, after over a decade of selling original early Ford parts at car events, he decided to open a full-time business providing high quality original and reproduction Ford parts to his many customers.  C.W. Moss was founded in his garage with the assistance of his wife and children.  It grew quickly requiring him to open a retail store in Pomona CA. 

Current photo of C.W. Moss in a historic 1920’s auto dealership building.

After over a decade of serving customers out of the Pomona store, C.W. Moss expanded with a second location in Orange, CA.  At that time, C.W. Moss was purchased by Harold Looney, a pioneer in the reproduction of early Ford parts.  C.W. Moss continued to grow with a consolidation of the Pomona and Orange locations into one super store in Old Towne Orange, California, where it is located today. 

Over the years, C.W. Moss has served over 100,000 customers providing them with quality reproduction and original parts for their early Fords.  Lynn always said: “We sell you the best, so you only buy it once,” which exemplifies C.W. Moss’ motto today.

Troy as a kid working the trailer.

In 2016, C.W. Moss came full circle when it was purchased by Lynn’s son, Troy Williams, who shares the same passion for early Fords as his father.  At C.W. Moss, we value our customers and enjoy providing quality parts to the Early Ford enthusiast.